Our Background

Our founders draw from their diverse, extensive commercial real estate backgrounds with their many successes, and have brought the best of their experiences to the CREAM group. We have combined the systems, support and procedures of a large national firm with the flexible and creative atmosphere of a boutique firm. Using this approach we have devised and implemented a highly successful strategy to help our clients achieve their goals.

Management Experience

Over 17 years of combined real estate experience
Association management: communities ranging from 25 - 1,200 units
Disaster management during various hurricanes
Construction and development
Land assembly and project analysis
Commercial real estate: multi-family buildings and small shopping centers

Relationships Built on Trust

CREAM has built long term relationships with our clients and our residents by striving each day to do our best, staying ahead of issues, being pro-active not re-active, and doing what we say we are going to do! We understand it is imperative to provide our clients with clear and consistent communication. Depending on your specific goals we provide you with management timelines, regularly scheduled updates, constant written and verbal communication.


Our primary objective at CREAM is to deliver and maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction that is achievable. We believe that our prosperity is a direct reflection of the overall success of the customers and the properties we manage. Therefore, within our organization we strive to provide professional, ground breaking, state of the art property management services delivered at levels that cannot be matched.

Leadership in the real estate industry

CREAM is committed to being a leader among our peers. We are dedicated to growing gradually, without ever sacrificing the quality of the services we provide our clients.

The highest ethical standards

Uncompromising honesty and integrity. We will continue to grow while only exercising practices that meet the highest ethical and business standards.

The best for our people

Our greatest assets are people-the sales associates, managers, supporting staff, founders, residents, board members and property owners with whom we strive to maintain mutually satisfying, productive and lasting business relationships.

The improvement of life in the neighborhoods we serve

We are personally involved in civic and community affairs that improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods, and contribute to achieving these goals.


The CREAM Group is a full service Management Company

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